Chris Story

On Top of The World

You can…

When you meet someone new…what’s your first question?

What do you Do? 

IT’s a valid question…and tells you a lot about other people.

Abraham Lincoln  said whatever you are…be a good one!

Dr. Martin Luther King said if you are a street sweeper, be the best you can be….and people will say there is an amazing street sweeper.

So what do you DO?  No matter how you answer that question…make sure you’re the best you can be!  In any walk of life…you can be amazing.  You can be the best that ever was!

Live your life in a way that will make others take notice; YOU will suddenly find yourself…..ON top of the world.

eye on your world

Who do you Think YOU are?

Who do you think you ARE?

Do you remember the feeling you got as a kid when you heard those words?


Who do you think you are?

The Secret to all of life is contained within these six words.

Because how you answer this question will determine the amount of Health, wealth and freedom you will enjoy in life.

Who you think you are ….you become.

Are you a free person….living the life of your choosing……where you choose and with whom you choose?

Who do you think you are at work?  Who do you think you are at home?

Do you think you deserve more…more health, wealth and freedom?

If you answer yes…..congratulations……your well on your way to realizing your dream.

YOU are On Top of the World!

who do you think you are

Forest for the TREES…

The forest for the trees.

How well you see what is right there in front of you …might be determined by what you want to see.

Henry David Thorough said it’s not what you look at that matters…It’s what you see.

So, as you look at your life, where you are; what you have and who you’ve become?  What do you see?

Now…look into tomorrow…and the next day.  What will your future hold?

What you see in the future is exactly what you want to see.  When my grandpa was teaching me how to drive, he said the car will go where you look.

Where are you looking……and what do you see?

YOUR story is still being written, what is your next chapter about?

Look at the life you want…….now what do you see?

You’ll see yourself..on top of the world.  

Mistakes make perfect…

Mistakes make perfect.

Go on…raise your hand in class.  Take a wild guess.

Be willing to be wrong…at some point you’ll be more right than wrong.

Making mistakes makes perfect.  That’s why it’s called practice.

Jim Rhon asked how long would you give your average baby to learn to walk…

As long as it takes right? 

You don’t say after the fourth attempt, “That’s it kid!  You crawl from now on.”

Let go of the fear of mistakes, grab on to the next rung on the ladder of your life.

YOU will fail.  YOU might fall.

The only way to win the race is to be in it.

Mistakes make perfect!  

mistakes make perfect

Be Different…Like Everyone Else!

Do you want to be unique… you can fit in?


Do you want to stand out as an original…Like everyone else?

Are you a maverick paving your own way on a very crowded freeway?

To want to be part of a community and yet retain some sense of YOU…the individual that is unique and special is totally normal.

So how can you fit in the mold of society and yet be you?  The YOU that is unlike any other?

Use your sixth sense.  You have it…you know when you are on purpose…your purpose.  You just know.

But how can you be sure?  Isn’t it enough to know?  Let your sixth sense guide you.  Rarely will it be wrong or off course.

Be YOU…and you will be living on top of the world.

on top of the world with chris story

Lazy Sunday = Joy!

Are you in a Hurry?

A hurry to get where YOU are going.  Always on the move….can’t stay here….got to get there.

Lao Tzu reminds you….nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

You want to have a timeline and a deadline……that doesn’t mean that it has to be light speed.

Know where you’re going…AND enjoy the ride.

And YOU Will be On Top of the World!you are sitting on top of the world

Mile wide…Inch Deep?

A mile wide and an inch deep…… that how you feel some days?

So many of us do.  We have options galore, more discretionary time and money than ever before in history.

Robert Collier wrote about the “magic secret”…Having one intense desire.

Focusing your energy on one desire versus many wishes.

ON a sunny day, you can waive a magnifying glass back and forth for hours and nothing will happen.

Focus the glass in the sun for less than a minute and you can start a fire.

It’s neither magic or a secret, and perhaps that’s the real secret.

Zig Ziglar warned of becoming a wondering generality, rather Zig’s say’s you ought to be a meaningful specific.

May you always be…On Top of the World!

If you Couldn’t Fail…

What would you do if you knew…really knew you couldn’t fail?

Consider the founding of the United states, there was no certainty of victory.  Seems obvious now as I sip on my tall non fat skinny latte. “Of course America would prevail and we would be free….”

Right now…in this moment, what would you do if you could be guaranteed 100% success

Think about the founding fathers pledging their very lives on the unlikely event of defeating king George; and yet here you are on the other side of History reaping the benefits of their faith.

The adventure is not better in knowing, but  in having faith.

America is better off when you try and fail than having never tried.  Imagine John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson saying “sure we could try…but what if we fail?”

America is at the Brink of getting too comfortable; stretch…go out there and fail……fail again and get up and keep getting up until you succeed!

Long live the American Dream!