On Top of The World

Late Later Lately

Late…Later…Lately…these three words came to my mind. I was going to write an interesting piece about the power of these words…and then these characters came to mind with a story that represents each word. They tell it better than I could……so here is the Story of Tammy and Rick.

What on Earth is That SMELL?

Of all the smells in all the world…why this one?
I don’t know. Give this a listen and see if you agree.

Will he find forgiveness?

One day…but I’ll never understand the question, and more importantly…I’ll never understand my answer! Og Mandino has some wise words for you…click and listen to a sixty second radio show that might just change your life! Chris www.OnTopoftheWorldRadio.com

If Founding Fathers had Twitter

Oh how much fun they’d have had with Social Media!
Ben Franklin likely would have been the worst offender.
The reason I started down this thought path was seeing some “friends” on Facebook say some seriously nasty things politically. This message was for me as much as anyone. I hope you enjoy it…I had fun producing it.