Chris Story

On Top of The World

Depression Done Right

This is not to poke fun at those with depression. But so often you’ll hear people say how depressed they are (you and I might even say it), when in fact, they could change everything in less than a minute…here’s how. Just reverse this recipe and you’re set.

a Short Short Christmas Story …by Chris Story

I took my daughter to dinner last night, Zoe. She was the first to the door, tried to push and push, but couldn’t open the door. Then it dawned on her that it was a pull. Once inside…this short story popped into my head. Here it is…Merry Christmas!

Jon Gordon …Get on the Energy Bus to the TOP!

Jon Gordon is a terrific author, speaker and all around great guy. …is he always UP? Was he just born Positive? What if your sick of the news…and feel like you live in a Negative World? Jon Gordon is blazing the Trail to the Top of the World.