On Top of The World

Beware of Praise…

Beware of Praise…and Embrace Criticism!

Imagine you’re a world class athlete, you are on the hunt for a new coach.  Perhaps you need to improve your back swing, or you jump shot is shoddy.

As you interview coach candidates…the coach who merely lavishes you with praise and is glowing about your form (even though you know it’s off)…that coach ain’t getting the job.

In Criticism YOU’LL find Benefit!

Praise feels good and you may crave it; but too much praise and not enough criticism will lead you to failure.  

If you buy your own press, YOU’LL avoid IMPROVEMENT!  

Paul Harvey was right, they never have built a statue of a critic.  YOU however can use criticism to grow.  And YOU’LL be living On Top of the World.


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