On Top of The World

Chris Story

Curiosity = Success

When was the last time you asked… “How does this work?” Or… “how’d they do that?”

 Albert Einstein suggested that you should try to comprehend a little more each day.

Diane Sawyer said her success came from waking up each day curious about the world.

What are you curious about?  Question everything you think you know.  Curiosity never hurt anyone right?  Well perhaps a cat or two.

Get curious…….here is a place to start.

What are you capable of?  If your answer is “exactly what your doing right now” then remember what Einstein said, “Try to comprehend a little more each day.”

With curiosity what you are capable of tomorrow will surpass today.


Beware of Praise…

Beware of Praise…and Embrace Criticism!

Imagine you’re a world class athlete, you are on the hunt for a new coach.  Perhaps you need to improve your back swing, or you jump shot is shoddy.

As you interview coach candidates…the coach who merely lavishes you with praise and is glowing about your form (even though you know it’s off)…that coach ain’t getting the job.

In Criticism YOU’LL find Benefit!

Praise feels good and you may crave it; but too much praise and not enough criticism will lead you to failure.  

If you buy your own press, YOU’LL avoid IMPROVEMENT!  

Paul Harvey was right, they never have built a statue of a critic.  YOU however can use criticism to grow.  And YOU’LL be living On Top of the World.


Used to Bee’s

I heard Les Brown say…Used to be’s don’t make no honey!  That’s probably true.

But who you used to be…or what you used to do…can lead you to greatness.

You know that anything we call a revolutionary idea or invention…is really a combination of existing ideas or products.  YOU have many experiences in your life from which to draw on.  What you used to do……..could very well combine with what you now do…and lead you to massive success.  Look outside of your own field.  Draw on what has come before and look for ways to solve problems by combining ideas or experiences into one new creation.

YOU might just revolutionize your life……and those around you. 

Look behind you…to see where you are going!

…and YOU…will live…On Top of the World…I’m Chris Story