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How to Keep Friends and Influence People…on Facebook

How to Keep friends and Influence People….on Facebook: 4A’s

Accept: You don’t have to agree with your Uncle…but accept him for who he is…and what he believes.

Acknowledge: You can acknowledge someone else’s point without agreeing with it. Often we are so busy thinking about what we are going to say next…even online: that we never really listen to the other person.

Aware: Be aware of as many different view points as you can…that means you don’t push everyone away from you.

If you walked into a Christmas Party….would you go up to someone you know you have nothing politically in common with and pick a fight……and hold up a picture with a sarcastic quip on it….and then expect to be invited back?

What would you have accomplished.

Appreciate: First of all…appreciate the first amendment. Celebrate that we can all express our differences…..then really listen to what the other person is saying.  Like a knife against a stone……you’ll come to have a better understanding of your own view points and appreciate your beliefs all the more as they get sharper.

Apply the 4A’s today…and you’ll Keep your Friends…and Influence People on Facebook.


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