On Top of The World


  • YOU Matter! So you’ve heard the story about the little boy throwing starfish back into the water at low tide….the adult say’s you can’t possibly make a difference there are too many!
  • The boy grabs one more star fish and tosses it into the water saying, made a difference to that one!

    You might be anyone of these characters from the story.

    At one time you may be the boy doing the rescuing… another time you might be the one stranded at a low tide of your own life.

    And yes….even you might sometimes be the grumpy adult telling someone else that what they are doing doesn’t matter.

    Direct your own behavior and influence yourself even when you are feeling washed up…or overwhelmed.

    Be the young person with boundless determination…and always remember….YOU Matter!

    If you are interested in personal development, investing in yourself and finding your passion in life, then you are at the right place…at the right time.

    YOUR Busy……..so On Top of the World Radio will enlighten, entertain and inspire you in 60 seconds or less.

    • Want to dive deeper into the minds and hearts of those living on purpose, come with me to the Top of the World Podcast!  Meet intriguing people from around the country in all walks of life.

    Where is the Top of the World?

    Welcome to the Metropolis of Homer Alaska!

    From my perch here on Top of the World; I look out over a vast sea of human potential…so much of it going unrecognized.  At one point of hosting one of my live radio shows;  I began to feel an utter sense of useless frustration.  “My voice didn’t matter!”

    Then…I looked in my wallet, there folded up was my “Definite Chief Aim”…as prescribed by Napoleon Hill.  Here is what it said:  My Definite chief aim in life is to serve, influence, inspire, motivate and be a positive force in as many people’s lives as possible.

    With this new found commitment to my “aim”…On Top of the World Radio was born.

    Welcome to the new Revolution!  You and I will explore every problem conceivable…and find the Solution!  There is not a question yet asked in History…that an answer doesn’t exist.



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